mixing console

52 input / 24 buss amek tac machless w/automation and tt switchcraft patchbay

Rnr tac matchless


otari mx80 2" 24 track analogue tape recorder w/ autolocator

2 x alesis hd24 48 tracks hard disk recorders

daw w/ rme digiface optical sound card

 unlimited tracks audio-midi workstation

digidesign pro tools 32 tracks

tascam da 20 dat machine

denon cassette deck

yamaha scsi cd recorder

lg dvd recorder

motu digital timepiece synchronizer


custom wall-mounted main speakers

yamaha ns10 near fields

powered by qsc amplifiers



signal processors

tlaudio 5051 tube preamp / eq / compressor / gate

aphex aural exciter type c

spl charisma tube processor

rsp hush II cx noise reduction

fostex dual compressor / gate

alesis graphic equalizer

akai audio-midi trigger

effects processors

alesis q2 multi fx

alesis wedge reverb / multi fx

yamaha d1500 digital delay

korg gr1 gated reverb

roland dimension d

roland srv2000 digital reverb

line 6 mod pro

tc helicon voiceprism harmonizer / multi fx


large colection of audio technica, audix, akg, bpm studioteknik, sennheiser, shure


alesis qsr synth

alesis d4 drum module

midi master keyboard

premier drumkit 22"-10"-12"-14"

sabian aa /aax/ hh cymbals

engl, rocktron guitar amps

line 6 bass pod pro

celestion 4x12 / 1x12 cabinets

cabling by klotz / re an / switchcraft / neutrik

other equipment available on request